'The growth of football is going to be huge'

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'The growth of football is going to be huge'

The football frenzy is growing day by day in Bangalore and a large crowd gathered for the launch of the Bengaluru Football Club.

With former Manchester United player Ashley Westwood roped in as the
manager of I-League club Bengaluru FC, a lot of hope has been pinned on the club.

In conversation with Metrolife, Ashley talks about his experience in the City as well as the scene of sports in the country. 

Elated over the great response to the launch of the club, Ashley says, “The launch was good and successful. There were quite a few to cheer the team. I am looking forward to a successful team.” About the sports scene in India, he says that there is scope for improvement. “Especially with a professional football team, there is a chance for development. Hopefully, the group will provide a foundation that will help in the future,” he explains. “Since Bangalore has a large population, the professional team can attract a lot of crowd and give us plenty of support to grow,” he says.

According to Ashley, India is a potential market for sports since a lot of people are interested in it. “I hope we can provide opportunities,” he remarks. Ashley hopes that the Bengaluru FC, which has been supported by JSW, will inspire other corporates to follow suit.

“Other corporates should also take the lead and get as involved in sports,” he says.
With football becoming hugely popular in the last few years, Ashley says that it might soon get as much attention as cricket in India.

“Over time, more and more will aspire to get into football. I am sure that over the next few years, the growth of football is going to be huge,” he asserts.

To all the aspiring footballers, he says that it is important to try as much as possible.
“A combination of enjoying the sport, giving complete commitment, enough time and improving oneself is what is required,” he explains. “If all this is done, then as the sport grows, there will be more and more opportunities for players to get spotted.

Plus, with professional teams around, people who are good enough may get a chance to be picked,” he says. Recollecting his experience in the City, Ashley says,“It’s the first time that I am in Bangalore. The climate is not too hot and it rains occasionally.

Plus, there are plenty of restaurants to go to. I find the staff at restaurants very helpful,” he says adding, “it’s a very westernised place.”

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