These stars opt for a cracker-free celebration

These stars opt for a cracker-free celebration

The festival of lights is here and the city is a magical maze of crackers, lights, sweets and excitement. Metrolife asked a few celebs to reminisce about their memories of this festival and how they plan to celebrate it this year.


M D Pallavi

M D Pallavi, Singer: Deepavali for me is all about light; I love the way diyas light up every house. However, I don’t like to burst crackers. The most memorable Deepavali for me was when I performed at a concert on Deepavali. The stage was lit up in a beautiful way and there were beautiful decorations all around. This year too I will be performing on the festival day, in Muscat. 




Mimicry Dayanand

Mimicry Dayanand, Comedian: I still cherish my childhood memories of Deepavali — clay lamps filled with oil, the festive smell of Kajjaya, Chakalli and Jasmine flowers and so on. There was a charm about the festival then that we don’t see it anymore. It was an occasion for people to help the poor but now we only get to see some LED lamps and people waiting in lines at restaurants for festive buffets. I won’t be bursting crackers for Deepavali — I don’t encourage that practice. I plan to celebrate the festival with underprivileged children.




Neha Saxena

Neha Saxena, Actor: I would mostly be travelling for work during the festival and I haven’t got to celebrate Deepavali with family for a long time now.This year though I am planning to head back home to Dehradun and celebrate the festival with my mother. My festivities will not involve bursting crackers though, I feel there are better ways to celebrate the festival instead of investing money on crackers, like donating food or clothes to the poor. I have planned to visit an old-age home or some similar place during Deepavali.



Vijay Ragavendra

Vijay Ragavendra, Actor: Deepavali during my school and college days had a charm of its own. Many families would come together to celebrate the festival. I remember bursting crackers with my cousins. Once a rocket we lit zoomed over a biker. We all got so scared that we ran in. Now, the festival has changed and become somewhat mechanical of late. The pollution in the city makes us think twice before bursting crackers while clay lamps are being replaced with LED lights. This year, I have planned to celebrate Deepavali with my family. I don’t burst crackers but I buy them for my son.