A time for pets

A time for pets

PetFed is a pet mela held for the first time in Bengaluru. It will feature adoption camps and sale of pet products.

Akshay Gupta, founder of PetFed and actor Dino Morea pose for a picture with a dog at Mumbai Pet Fed 2017.

After making its mark in Delhi and Mumbai, ‘PetFed’ is all set to stage its fifth edition in Bengaluru; it is the first time happening in the city. Actor Dino Morea, being one of the investors, says that the event is going to go huge in India as it provides a platform for people to have adoption camps and more. He further adds that one should experience how good and amazing the carnival is.

In an interview with Metrolife, Dino shares more about the pet carnival and his love for animals.

Why did you choose to be an investor for PetFed?

My love for pets is the reason to be a part of this event. I have a pet dog, and I understand how an animal can make us a better human being. I like the idea of bringing people together along with their pets, and to be able to educate people on animal care. It should be understood that animals aren‘t showpieces; they are like our children, and we are responsible for them.

Thoughts about PetFed?

PetFed, to me, is the most interesting carnival for pets; unlike them, we humans have a lot of carnivals to attend. It is a place where pets can come together and have a fun day out. It is one of the biggest platforms in India which supports animals.


What do you think is vital to stop animal cruelty?

It is important for people to interact with animals to understand how harmless they can be. People need to be educated on the matter. Animals only harm people when they feel threatened and pushed to a corner; only cruel people can hurt animals.


What are the animal-friendly measures that you have personally taken up?

I keep animals in my house as I have space. Growing up, I had squirrels, cats, birds and dogs. My father encouraged me to visit jungles every month, which spiked my love for nature and animals. The basic thing one could do is adopt an animal.


About your Bengaluru connect..

I grew up in the city, and my connection is very deep. It used to be the most beautiful city. Unfortunately, it is heart-breaking to see what it has become now. I had the chance to experience the city‘s much talked about weather. Bengaluru actually made me a solid human being; I cherish my roots, and I am what I am because of the city.

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