A tribute to eternal legacy of Hollywood’s divas

A tribute to eternal legacy of Hollywood’s divas

‘Alluring Two Thousands’ pays homage to vintage Hollywood red carpet looks.

For the last century, Hollywood and its divas have defined direction for style watchers. My latest collection for Zoya ‘6299 Hollywood Blvd’ is inspired by the undying legacy of three of the most iconic eras of Hollywood.
The collection presents 43 pieces, sculpted in gold and diamonds embellished with stones such as citrines, topaz, tanzanites, yellow sapphires and black diamonds. 

Roaring Twenties 

The segment of the collection dedicated to the ‘Roaring Twenties’ is one of my favourites. It celebrates the free-spirited nonchalance of flapper girls, their drop-waist dresses, cloche hats and the bold zigzag forms, sweeping curves and chevron patterns. Detachable twin necklaces and tassel earrings in diamonds and emeralds are reminiscent of the popular beaded necklaces of the time.

What I loved most is Anita Page’s iconic braided look that I have captured in a unique neckpiece and earrings, embellished with emeralds.

The Fabulous Fifties
This era was defined by rounded, soft shoulders, bold rouge lips, clinched waists, elaborate skirts, emphasising the oomph of stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. This segment has diamonds, emeralds and rubies in eye-catching bracelets, neckpieces and earrings.

An asymmetrical neckpiece in black diamond is inspired by the era’s popular gingham prints.

Alluring Two Thousands
The panache of the ‘Alluring Two Thousands’ comes alive with the immaculate fashion of the red carpet and dips into the glamorous assertiveness of extravagant gowns that define the design direction for this collection.

Long chandelier earrings in yellow sapphire and earrings in dazzling blue topaz, cuff bracelets in yellow citrines and beer quartz celebrate the undying legacy of the Hollywood fashion. The charm of Hollywood’s leading ladies, iconic period architecture immortalised on celluloid and the panache and attitude of fashion that reflected deep shifts in societal norms, has inspired decades of fashion watchers. At Zoya, we present this luxury collection as a tribute to the glorious years that have defined Hollywood and its eternal panache in the form of a unique collection that I hope will be a starting point for many conversations and stories for those who own it.