'Udd Gaye' talks about DJ Ritviz's first love

'Udd Gaye' talks about DJ Ritviz's first love

He has hit EPs like ‘Vizdumb’ and ‘Yuv’ to his credit and is going to release ‘Ved’ soon

Ritviz Srivastava

Ritviz Srivastava aka Ritviz, though a Pune-based DJ, is no stranger to the Bengaluru crowd as he is a regular performers at the venues here. The 22-year-old DJ, singer, composer and Hindustani dance music producer has made a mark for himself with his bass heavy music that is rich in eastern sounds. 

The winner of Bacardi House Party Sessions India, he is now looking forward to releasing his next EP titled ‘Ved’ in early 2019. Rajitha Menon finds out more...

How did you make the transition from Hindustani classical music to EDM?
I had been learning Indian classical music since a very young age and it played a major role in shaping my sound. However, over time I also found it to be a little restrictive and repetitive, which eventually made me feel like I want to be able to compose my own music to express myself. I found electronic music production the most appealing and efficient way to do this.

How did you conceptualise ‘Udd Gaye’?
‘Udd Gaye’ is inspired by events that transpired in my life when I was in fifth standard (laughs) — I fell in love with someone at the age of 10. The song is essentially about how I felt when I saw her for the very first time; about the innocent feeling of falling head over heels in love with someone at first sight.

What is the most common challenge that a DJ faces?
Educating the crowd about music that hasn’t been played before or isn’t conventional to the dance floor. More often than not, DJs have to restrict themselves to playing the same 20-30 tracks that everyone wants to listen. If they don’t, people won’t have a good time and the club or promoter won’t book them again. In India, DJs are thought of as jukeboxes, as opposed to artistes.

How can amateur DJs hone their skills?
Figuring out what makes you unique is a small step but a very crucial one. Step two is working very hard to preserve that talent.

What kind of person are you in real life?
I’m mostly very reserved. I can’t make conversations and I get anxious very easily. There are few people that I really cherish in life and I’m comfortable being around them. Also, I’m a total sucker for cool sneakers!

What can we look forward to in VED?
Eight songs and a pallet that showcases the sound that I have been working on.

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