A warm soup for the soul

A warm soup for the soul

Soup is probably one of the easiest dishes to make. Depending on how you want it, it can become a complete meal or just a light way to start your how-many-ever course meal.

Here’s a quick guide to beginners on how you can make delicious soups at home.

Choose your base

Are you looking for a tomato puree, cream or milk, or something with a meat stock? You can even mix them up to give you the flavour you’re looking for.

Pick your meat

Depending on the type of meat you’re looking for — chicken, beef, mutton or fish, you can use the stock of that to give you the perfect bowl of soup. Adding tomatoes to it gives it the oomph factor.

Spice it up

Sugar, spice and everything is just the perfect way to make your soup. But if you want something fancier, use spices that might enhance the flavour. The addition of pepper and chilli, (salt, of course) is perfect when you have a cold.

Go low

Slow cooking/ boiling is the key to a perfect soul. Try not to overheat the stock or leave the meats and veggies in the broth for too long.

Watch the water

Yes, soups are watery but that doesn’t mean you can add without measuring. Avoid adding more unless absolutely necessary as it will only dilute the flavour profile.

Keep it fresh

While you mostly end up adding the veggies and meat while cooking the soup, leave some for once it’s done. Add herbs like basil or parsley, chips for the crunch and shredded cheese as the final topping.

Veggies make a huge difference

While adding onion to the soup is a standard choice, when you add ingredients like garlic, carrots, beans, potatoes, spinach or even corn, you give your soup that extra flavour. The more the veggies, the more you’re gonna feel full too.

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