Why is #MeToo such a rage?

Why is #MeToo such a rage?

Women are finding safety in social media numbers and exposing men who might otherwise gone scot free.

The ‘#MeToo’ movement has caught on like wildfire in India as more and more women are sharing their harrowing stories with the world. The response to this hashtag has been nothing short of astounding, especially since most social media campaigns fizzled out.

What is the reason behind its success?

Easy access to the Internet and the recent proliferation of social media has obviously played a big part. Until the Internet came along, conversations about sexism and sexual harassment were rare. Women did not talk in public about what it was like to be sexually harassed by powerful men enjoying big reputations.

Metrolife asked some media observers for their views on why #MeToo is encouraging women to break their silence.

Shruthi Gowda, freelance writer: “I think it is a culmination of all the women’s movements we have been seeing over the years. Awareness campaigns about women’s rights, breaking of taboos about speaking out, and women encouraging other women did the groundwork for this campaign to become such a success. These developments make women more optimistic about the prospects of change.”

Tinu Cherian, social media evangelist: “The primary reason is that a lot of women were able to personally relate to what was happening — they have faced harassment at work, in their neighbourhood or even on the street in various degrees.”

“They have found a new strength and courage, encouraged by the power, reach and sometimes even the anonymity offered by social media.”

Arshi Wahab, media strategist and writer: “Women around the world have raised their voices earlier also but lost their strength somewhere down the line; they were denied support. I think the movement is a huge success now because we are not stopping; we are making it clear we will speak up and speak out no matter what! The movement is providing a sense of immense confidence that victory will be ours — the treatment being meted out to the accused and their acceptance of the crime is an example.”

“Just look at how many perpetrators are getting exposed daily. The wave is unstoppable! It shows how tired women are of the current scene. We want a permanent solution and change.”