Wide variety of snacks offered at Haji Ali

Wide variety of snacks offered at Haji Ali

From collegegoers to families, the array of vegetarian options has something for everyone

Bombay Bhel

MG Road and Brigade Road are two of the most popular spots of the city and are known for a variety of eateries, pubs, and bars among other places. Amidst the bustling crowd and an ever-growing hub of hangout spots, 'Haji Ali', a juice centre stands apart.

What makes this new spot unique, you ask? To begin with, it is a one-stop-spot for all your hunger and cravings. Since it opened, the owners have slowly and steadily added to the menu making it a foodie's haven.

From sandwiches to chaats, and milkshakes to lemon tea, Haji Ali - a franchise of the original landmark juice centre of the same name in Mumbai- has all of it on offer.

To explore it all, we headed there on a weekday evening and were pleasantly surprised by the kind of the crowd. A mix of college kids and family, the atmosphere at the restaurant was vibrant and welcoming.

The menu of Haji Ali is divided into various sections of chaats, finger foods, beverages and more. We decided to try each one of the sections to get a feel of the place.

After a long walk on Brigade Road, we were really craving something refreshing and jumped to order a watermelon juice and an avocado milkshake. To start with food, we ordered a 'Bombay Bhel', a grilled cheese sandwich and 'Cheese Pav Bhaji'.

While the 'Bombay Bhel' is almost like the one we might find everywhere else, the 'Cheese Pav Bhaji' stood out for its soft pav and flavourful bhaaji. The sandwiches are grilled to perfection and had the right amount of cheese.

The watermelon juice with chunks of the fruit did the trick of refreshing us, while the avocado milkshake gave us a healthy flavour of fruit that we have learnt to usually have in salads.

It was a task as well as an adventure to choose from the wide variety of food on offer at Haji Ali, but what we realised was that none of stood short of what was promised.

We were next served the Haji Ali Special- 'Custard Apple (Sitaphal) with Cream' and it was a dream in a cup. The creamy flavours of custard apple and the juicy pieces of the fruit was filling. 

Some of us still had a little space left, so we decided to share a plate of 'Pani Puri'. One can choose to either stand at the chaat section and have it or can opt for it to be served in a plate. It was tangy and was just right for an after-food snack.

Though the food was filling, it wasn't too heavy. It will recharge you for a session of shopping without making you groggy. If you are still feeling sleepy and tired, a cup of lemon tea should do the trick. 

The restaurant offers only vegetarian options and plans to add items like 'Paneer Patty', 'Potato Shots' and fries to its menu soon. 

Overall, 'Haji Ali' offers a variety of dishes and beverages that does not burn a hole in your pocket and leaves you with a smile. 

'Haji Ali Juice Centre' is located opposite the MG Road Metro Station.