World classic songs in Kannada

World classic songs in Kannada

John Devaraj and Mioi.

Yeli Yeddeli, the music album of world classic songs in Kannada by John Devaraj, was released recently at Nayana Auditorium. Some of the songs of the album were performed on the occasion by the students of Bornfree Dance Academy.

Dr Siddalingaiah, Chairman of Kannada Pradhikara, Pandit Narasimhalu Odavatti, president of Sangeetha Nrithya Academy and Velu of Lahari Audio, launched the music album comprising 12 songs.

John Devaraj, the man behind the venture said that the classic peace songs by the poets of undeveloped nations had enlarged his vision of life. “Bob Marley, Jose Mati, John Lennon and Mariam Makeba gave their lives for world peace. I have plans to choreograph some Kannada  poems and vachanas and present them on global platform,” he said.

Mioi Nakayama, a Japanese lady who is the co-founder of Bornfree Art School surprised the audiences by speaking in Kannada fluently. She urged the people to support in the upliftment of street kids.

Choreographed by Mioi, the children performed a variety of dances.

A team of 12 members performed the song, Yeli Yeddeli. It is the translation of Get up stand up for your rights by Bob Marley and all the kids performed it with great zeal.

 John Devaraj and Mioi presented a beautiful contemporary piece with the message of peace. Gembaku Harusumaji’s In the place where our old home village was destroyed was elegantly put forth with full expression and involvement.

The next was Yemme Thammanna, a song inspired from Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier, epitomising Indian peasants. Their costumes were unique and the dance was

John crooned a song of Bob Dylan Blowing in the wind, playing the harmonica and guitar together.

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