Actor Sri Reddy says her life is in danger

Actor Sri Reddy says her life is in danger

In picture: Telugu actor Sri Reddy.

Telugu actor Sri Reddy came out, in April, against a producer’s son who she said had sexually exploited her after promising her a role.

“My life is in danger. My car was almost hit by a heavy vehicle,” she told Metrolife. She says she has also been receiving threat calls.

Sri also complained she had been denied a membership in the Movie Artistes Association.

Sri told Metrolife neither the police nor the Women’s Commission in Andhra Pradesh had paid heed to her complaints.

Last week, she posted a series of hitherto unseen pictures of her and Abhiram Daggubati, who she has charged with sexual exploitation, on social media.

Abhiram is the son of producer Suresh Babu and actor Rana Daggubati, who played a major role in the blockbuster Bahubali.

This what Sri told Metrolife:

Why are you posting fresh pictures on social media?

I found an old phone and it had pictures, voice recordings and WhatsApp messages we had exchanged. This is fresh proof that could strengthen my case.

Have you made any breakthrough?

Police, lawyers and the human rights commission in Andhra Pradesh are not entertaining my case. They give vague reasons for not doing so. The lawyers have issued some kind of notice to me which I don’t understand at all. I think all government departments, including the police, have been bribed into hushing up the matter.

Why aren’t women’s organisations supporting your cause?

I don’t want to take names here but even women politicians aren’t taking up my cause. They refuse to talk about my case. I want to seek justice outside Andhra Pradesh. Delhi is my next destination.

Are any actors supporting you?

Many young actors, both men and women, are out of work in the Telugu film industry. But even after a producer’s son delivers flop films, he still gets offers. Ordinary actors don’t get work at all, why is it?

Why don’t you try other languages?

I have never worked in other film industries. I know Hyderabad well and if I need any help, my friends are here. I don’t know anyone in Bengaluru or Mumbai, where the cost of living is high. Acting is an art, so if a good offer comes along, I could think of moving.

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