Metrolife: Here is Bengaluru’s wish list

Metrolife: Here is Bengaluru’s wish list

Citizens want the new government to address Bengaluru’s traffic nightmares.

It was a day of twists and turns for Karnataka as politicians played musical chairs for the seat of power. Citizens, however, remained firm on the changes they want to see under the new government, irrespective of who forms it. From better roads to less arrogant politicians, Metrolife heard it all...

Samson Stephen, Manager of Harry’s, Koramangala

I hope for a much more robust hospitality industry. As a business owner, I wish the existing deadline for pubs, which was 1 am till now, continues. As a normal citizen, an unbiased government and better infrastructure is on my wishlist.

Manasa Visakai, College student

Now that we have a new government, the first thing that should be solved is the Cauvery dispute. It has been dragging on for years and the accompanying loss of life and property is unacceptable. There is also a need for development of rural areas.

Yasir, Owner of 'Desi Videsi'

I want a cooperative government and not a problematic one. There shouldn’t be time restrictions on businesses and unnecessary regulations.

Sandhya Chandran, Trustee of NGO 'World Of Woman'

The incoming government needs to take care of the basic needs of citizens, like roads, water, power, garbage disposal and so on. The main concern should be the safety of women. Women’s safety is a broad area but the government can do its bit by setting up CCTVs, increasing the number of beat cops, and having an easier system of grievance redressal.

Manoviraj Khosla, Designer

No government should tell its citizens what to eat and what not to. I hope the new government will let people live their lives. It should also curb corruption and improve infrastructure to deal with the increasing population. We need more policemen help people and not harass them.

Tara Krishnaswamy, Co-founder of Citizens for Bengaluru

We hope the new government will address things that empower Constitutionally mandated governance structures. Successive governments, not just the previous one, have devalued citizen participation. The voices of citizens should be heard. Also, they should take steps to build a sustainable city. You can't register 2,000 private vehicles every day and still claim to change the city. Hard decisions have to be taken. To de-motorise the city, new registrations can be made difficult. Investing in suburban rail transport, promoting rainwater harvesting and ensuring garbage of each constituency is processed there itself, are some other areas they have to look into.

Dr Prathima Reddy, Director, Fortis La Femme

The new government should improve the existing healthcare infrastructure and start staffing government hospitals better. In the long run, a private-public partnership can also be looked at to provide quality healthcare to all sections of society. Another issue that we doctors face is attacks by the public, both verbal and physical. I wish the new government comes up with stricter measures to protect doctors.  

Bhavik K, Founder, Medibox

Health care is considered a state subject but it’s hanging between the state and the Centre in various forums. Health should be a priority for the new government.  Implementation of health-related government schemes should be done in a proper manner.

V R Stephen, Manager, Skydeck Pub by Sherlock

We need a neutral government that treats every citizen equally, irrespective of their caste and creed. They should not discriminate against any business. Crores are invested in the liquor business and shutting down pubs affects not just the owners but also the employees.

Deepa,  Store owner, 'Goli Vadapav', MG Road

The issues of unemployment and pollution have to be solved. The main thing bothering me is that education has now become commercial. Government schools should be improved and private school fees should be regulated.

Aishwarya S K, Mount Carmel College

We expect transparency. As a student, I want reservations removed. Also, we have our parents to tell us what is right and wrong; we don't want a third party to tell us that.

Nandita Gosh, Writer and author

Let's have an issue-based government rather than a rhetoric-based one. Let’s talk about poverty and allocation of funds to each district. I think the old government was so happy about their victory that they did not work at the grassroots level. Veerappa Moily and Mallikarjun Kharge, who could have connected to the people in Karnataka, should have been there during the campaign.

Pawan, Co-founder and CEO of startup ''
I wish for startup-friendly policies, at least for the first two years, and easier online documentation. A confidentiality and non-competition clause is needed to protect startups in the state. And basic services like electricity and water should be available without having to pay a bribe."

Subodh Shankar, Co-founder of Atta Galatta

"The new government should have a comprehensive plan for Bengaluru's infrastructure. I live right next to the Bellandur lake and it is one of the pressing problems of the city. Rejuvenation of lakes, rainwater harvesting and garbage collection should be tackled in a proper way; then our dependence on Cauvery will come down. The farmers need Cauvery water more.