Party pests prompt girl to turn bouncer

Party pests prompt girl to turn bouncer

Vanessa George

Vanessa George tells Metrolife she enjoys her unusual profession though it comes with its share of risks

Vanessa George, 19, is a part-time bouncer. She combines her professional duties with her college studies.

It is an unusual profession for a girl, Vanessa admitted, when Metrolife asked her how she became a bouncer.

What inspired you to become a bouncer?

I just like the way it works and found it really cool. I was interested to see men in black suits keeping an eye on everyone and everything. They can throw out people who misbehave. I began to imagine how I would do the job if I ever got the opportunity. And when I finally got one, I grabbed it! Because I want to live life with everything that comes my way. I trained 
in boxing for seven months before I became a bouncer.

Is there anything in particular that made you take up this opportunity?

It would be my experience when I went to parties… and the way men misbehaved and messed around. When men passed by and touched me, I felt awkward, and it was not just me. I’m pretty sure most girls have gone through this experience at parties. Maybe the men find it casual, but it does put a girl in an uncomfortable zone.

What are the challenges you face?

I haven’t faced many challenges because the job is to control people and make sure they behave. That’s something that interests me, so I never feel it is a challenge.

What is your family’s take on your work?

My family is pretty chilled out. My father is a counsellor who owns a rehab center and my mom is a homemaker. They support me with my choices because they believe in me and want me to try out things I love.

Do you control just women or both men and women?

It depends on the place and crowd. Mostly, it works with a combination of male and female bouncers. But as far as my knowledge goes, female bouncers are usually called for 
exclusive girls’ night-out parties.

Do you think it’s easy to manage a women’s crowd?

I wouldn’t really say that because women can get pretty wild too! Cat fights can never be predicted.

What are your goals?

I just want to travel the world and not miss out on any fun in my life! And I will definitely get a degree and make great progress in life.