Supercars a big draw in 'Race 3'

Supercars a big draw in 'Race 3'

A McLaren 570GT and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 feature in 'Race 3', releasing today.

The latest in a series, 'Race 3' is here. The film is packed with car scenes and showcases swanky machines like the Ferrari, McLaren, and Bugatti.

Metrolife checked out the buzz among supercar fans in Bengaluru. 

Abhijith L N, entrepreneur, is a big fan of luxe cars and Salman Khan. 

“The cars and bikes used in the movies look crazy. I am a gear-head and would definitely go watch the movie just for its car and action sequences. I especially loved the Dodge Charger and the Buggati Veyron shown in the trailer,” he says. 

Shreyas HR, a BBM student, is not too enamoured of unrealistic scenes. “The flying Audi R8 scene in ‘Race 2’ made no sense. They have spent much more money this time. Other than regular German premium cars, they have used Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti Veyron and Ducati Diavel.”

Jagdeep Kowshik, director at a pharmaceutical company, believes the film won’t be high on originality.

“I feel they have copied a lot from ‘Fast and Furious’, not only in the action sequences but also in the dialogues. That’s why I wouldn’t watch it,” he says. 

The film has other sceptics. Anirudh S Dutt, founder of Let’s Be The Change, is impressed by the poster but isn’t sure he will watch the film. 

A former Ferrari owner and architect (who prefers not to be named) says, “Such machines are not meant to be blown up. It really hurts to see a thing of beauty treated without respect,” he says.  

Three elements come together

Actor Neha Saxena is a big fan of racing and supercars, Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez.

“With all three coming together in 'Race 3', I am definitely watching the movie,” she says.

Bollywood no less than Hollywood

Actor Tilak says it is every man’s ultimate fantasy to own a supercar.“The film has some elaborate scenes which include the blowing up of some really expensive cars. If one has to show something extraordinary on screen they have to present something like that. It’s a Salman Khan film, so why not?  Bollywood is no less than Hollywood nowadays and I would love to support its experiments,” he says.

Salman has been trying new things

Actor Neha Shetty recalls 'Race 1' and '2' were mostly about Saif Ali Khan but the latest film would be “something new.”

“I liked the trailer. Salman Khan has been trying new things and this will be fresh,” she says.

Blown to bits

Cars have been an integral part of Bollywood’s chase sequences but 'Race 3' has taken the action a notch up by blowing up as many as 16 cars in the film. During the shoot, supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin were damaged beyond repair. The stunts are designed by Hollywood action director Tom Struthers, who sourced 16 brand new cars for the high-octane scenes. The sequences were shot on a Formula 1 racetrack in Abu Dhabi. A Dubai-based company provided the wheels.