We put pressure when probe faltered: Indrajit

We put pressure when probe faltered: Indrajit

For film director Indirajit Lankesh, life hasn’t been the same after the murder of his sister Gauri

Gauri and Indrajit

After about nine months, police have caught the killers. At one point the investigation had come to a standstill. We put pressure on the police, and I am glad they have cracked the case. The family kept up the pressure so that thinkers could speak without fear. Indoctrination of young people is bringing a bad name to Hinduism.

From what I know, Hinduism is not about bloodshed or killing. It is about peace, ahimsa and tolerance. I believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s Hinduism. 

My father taught me that freedom of expression is a basic right. But in the same vein, I would say one should be sensitive when speaking about caste and religion in India.

One should not celebrate by insulting others. I miss Gauri. Even though we had our differences, she respected me as a brother. I liked her personality because she stood by what she thought was right. We all lived separately, but we would regularly get together for family events. We are a close-knit family.