When Google plays God, you can do this

When Google plays God, you can do this

Google asks you to review a restaurant even when you are in the vicinity.

Google AI can now predict a person’s death with 95 percent accuracy, a report said last week. The predictions, according to the report, are based on algorithms and an individual’s medical data. 

Here are some common things Google knows.

Where you are dining

Have you visited a restaurant and got a notification saying asking you for review of the place? Sometimes, the notification comes even if you are in the vicinity of a restaurant.

Pick up a friend from the airport

If a friend sends you their flight details, Google reminds you to go pick them up. It also reminds you of flights you have to catch.

Train arrivals and departures

You get Metro arrival and departure details as soon as you reach a station. Google also knows the name of the station you are at.

Time to go home

Leaving work at 5 pm every day? Google is a quick learner. You might soon get notifications telling you when it’s time to go home.

Try this 

If you’re concerned about what Google is up to and want to opt out, here’s what you can do.

Go to Google’s Activity control page to turn off features.  

If you want to clean up your history, head to My Activity. You can delete items by clicking the three-dot icon on the upper-right corner.

On Android devices, you can open the main system settings, select Google and tap on ‘Personal info and privacy’.

Privacy tips

Keep your phone location turned off as much as possible.

Sign out from your Google account when you are not using it.