MIMS canteen building in a state of utter neglect

MIMS canteen building in a state of utter neglect

The canteen building on the premises of Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences, in Mandya.

The canteen building, that was constructed spending lakhs of rupees on the premises of Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS), is left unused and is gathering dust, after the hospital management allegedly succumbed to a private lobby and permitted the contractor to relocate it.

The canteen building, measuring 80X60 feet, is located just behind the college so that it is convenient for both students and others visiting the hospital. It also has a separate room for hospital staff and students. It is said that the canteen contractor sought an alternate place for the canteen, run at the building initially, citing loss.

The hospital management permitted relocation of the canteen nearer to the road and identified the place that was meant for those accompanying the patients to relax. As it is located far, it is not possible for the students and the staff to use the canteen.

Expensive food

Despite having a well-equipped canteen, the hospital management’s move of allowing them to run the canteen at another place has raised suspicion. The canteen has turned commercial and the price of the food items are expensive, violating the norms. As it is located near the road, most of those visiting the canteen are passersby and not students and those accompanying the patients.

The medical students complain that relocating the canteen has inconvenienced them. Despite bringing it to the notice of the professors and MIMS Director, no measure has been taken.

The hospital management has succumbed to the private lobby, neglecting the canteen building, which has all the facilities, they said.

Medical Superintendent Dr Harish said that it was the previous superintendent, who gave permission for relocating the canteen. “The contractor has constructed the canteen at his own expense. When the hospital authorities asked him to clear it, he has brought a stay order from the court. We are trying to get the stay order removed. Once it happens, the canteen would be run in the permanent building,” he added.


As the place meant for the people was occupied by the canteen contractor, the people who accompany the patients are forced to stay in the open. District in-charge Minister C S Puttaraju, who observed this during his visit to the hospital a couple of months ago, had directed to erect a temporary pandal at the place.

However, it was removed after another bay was constructed. But, MIMS is yet to settle a rent of Rs 3 lakh for the pandal, alleged A C Ramesh of Pooja Shamiyana.