Minister sponsors cook's pilgrimage

Minister sponsors cook's pilgrimage

A cook whose mouth-watering fish delicacies appealed to the taste buds of Minister Zameer Ahmmed Khan will get to realise his dream of visiting Mecca.

Khan, who is minister for Wakf and Haj, had gone to the Fish Market Seafood Restaurant at Lower Bendoor for lunch, where he got to savour the spicy ‘pomfret’, seer fish, and prawns with ‘neerdosa’ and ‘kaltapa’. Floored by the food, he summoned the cook Haneef, a resident of Boliyar, and made public his decision to sponsor the cook’s Mecca pilgrimage.

Haneef was surprised but also elated by the minister’s gesture.

Khan has entrusted the responsibility of arranging for Haneef’s pilgrimage to Minister U T Khader’s brother U T Ifthikar.

The minister also handed a tip of Rs 25,000 to the staff who served him, before leaving the restaurant.