Little pick-me-ups for your garden

Little pick-me-ups for your garden

Garden ornaments add that much-needed charm to your green space and make it livelier, writes Surabhi Johri

Craft projects can be taken up with children to work on wall murals or mosaic art. Pots can also be easily painted at home to add a dash of colour.

Gardens are all about creative expression and that goes beyond the selection of plants. The look of your outdoor space can be transformed all through the year by following simple ideas. Just like any special space, a garden can be dressed in various ways and moods. The ambience of a space can be totally transformed by accessorising it the right way. If you have been successful in creating a green corner for yourself, then its time to treat yourself with looks that will simply refresh and express you uniquely.

Play around with the decor

Consider these spaces as a canvas, there exists a scope to highlight, add colours, bring art, a touch of quirk and seasonal freshening touches. Sound, water and light also can create a huge impact and breathe fresh life into any garden experience. Use fabrics, rugs, artefacts in various mediums, pottery, fountains, mirrors, interesting candle holders or lanterns. But always be clear about what you intend to create and then choose what materials and additions will work to bring the desired change. 

So, decide on what appeals you. You can go seasonal, theme-wise, occasion-wise, or along the lines of the interiors. It could be a simple change or addition like the colour of furniture or the throw pillow. Balconies that are sheltered from weather elements can take floor rugs. Upholstery and pots are a great way to add colour, especially in a garden that grows heavier on the green side. Terracotta or ceramic, both add a graceful charm.

Personalise through art

Craft projects can be taken up with children to work on wall murals or mosaic art. Pots can also be easily painted at home to add a dash of colour. The colour on the walls or highlighting patterns adds vibrancy. If a change needs to be of less permanent nature, then accessories on side tables like hurricane lamps, candle stands that provide shelter from wind are interesting additions. How about copper bells or wind chimes? With the slightest breeze, the garden comes alive with pleasant sounds. One can consider installing a sound system that plays music for the mood. Weather-resistant properties and safety should always be a priority while picking the objects and fixtures.

Art is a beautiful way to express your personality and gardens are just the spaces to do this. Outdoor-friendly metal art can find a rightful place either as a stand-alone on the floor or a statement piece for the walls. Larger gardens are the perfect place to place works in stone or bronze. Sculptures find a place in both small and large spaces. Accessories in stone or terracotta like birdbaths are wonderful additions both for you and the birds or butterflies. Make sure to keep the water clean. Placing some bird feed in safe spots will attract the winged visitors.  

Luxe element

Fountains can become a part of any space. Smaller tabletop ones for smaller spaces while full-fledged features for larger gardens. Even a small bubbler adds charm. Talking about water, a jacuzzi is unbeatable. Load bearing terraces can accommodate a dedicated sheltered space for a jacuzzi.

Step into the world of themes and there are a plethora of possibilities. Nautical themes work magnificently. Shells, rope, sand, life buoys, sea compass, ship’s wheel, colours of white and blue or turquoise or sea green, guarantee reminders of faraway ports and beaches. Themes can be played in a wide range. Rainforest will have lushness with dark wood accessories and larger smooth rocks. A hidden sound of trickling water is irresistible in this garden emulating a dark pool. Deep colours of foliage and accessories work magically.

For that sparkle

Light brings life into any garden. Extending the usable hours of outdoor space in a fairy tale fashion. Larger spaces are best served by proper landscape lighting but smaller areas bring intimacy and warmth with suitable lanterns and candles. Fairy lighting like the string lights can be played in myriad ways to create a star feel ceiling or a jar full of the glow. These lights wrapped around tree stems look very nice at night. Lanterns hung on tree branches sway in the breeze and look very attractive.

Garden ornaments are a whole new world of purposeful and artful objects that adorn the garden in interesting ways. Small statues of animals or art made of rocks, recycled or repurposed objects, forms of outdoor craft add a great deal of character. An easy way is to buy tools and equipment that are interesting in colour and shape like watering cans and digging tools. Talking of utility, choice of furniture itself can bring a lot of interest in the space, like furniture of attractive seating options made out of old tyres. Tables can be easily made out of pots that work as storage with tops made of planks or mirrors. Even a simple canopy out of fabric can add a desired twist to space. As festivals come, bring reminders into the space in form of colour or artefacts.

Nurture a garden for long and keep freshening up the look and feel of it with these simple ideas.