Ban on mechanised fishing kicks off in dist from June

Ban on mechanised fishing kicks off in dist from June

A file photo of boats fishing anchored at Baithkola Port, in Karwar. DH Photo

A two-month ban on mechanised fishing in coastal areas of the district will kick off from June 1.

The mechanised boats will be anchored at the ports from June 1 to July 31. The ban has been imposed to ensure that marine fish population increases, it being the mating period.

The two months gap will also provide fishermen a much needed break from the routine and take time to repair their boats and fishing nets.

Fisheries Department Deputy Director Santosh Koppad said majority of fishermen in the region are engaged in unscientific fishing. There are many fishermen who are using more than 350 horsepower motorboats and fishing in deep waters of the sea. Since deep water fishing has been going on for a long period now, chances of harvesting a good fish catch are dwindling.

He said, June and July are the breeding period for fishes. Hence, it is necessary to impose a ban on deep waters and mechanised boats fishing, so that fish population multiplies. Annually, the administration imposes a ban on fishing for two months for this purpose, he said.

Further, he said, strict action, under Karnataka Coastal Fishing (Control) Act of 1986, would be taken against those who use more than 10 horse power mechanised boats to fish in deep seas. Fishermen men will lose subsidy amount on diesel for their boats as well for next one year, he said.

Such fishermen will also be not eligible to renew of central excise duty.

He clarified that traditional fishing could go on. To make sure ban of fishing using mechanised boat is implemented, department has solicited the help of Coastal Guards and other departments.