‘My Peace My Choice’ short film to be screened

‘My Peace My Choice’ short film to be screened

On World Peace Day, Rev Fr Nelson D'Almeida, director of Sandesha Foundation is all set to screen his fourth non-commercial value based short film “My Peace My Choice” at 8.45 am on September 20, at St Aloysius Gonzaga School.

Bishop Most Rev Peter Paul Saldanha will release the film. Rev Fr Dionysius Vas, Rector, St Aloysius College, Rev Fr Melwyn Mendonca, Manager, St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mrs Grace Noronha, Principal, St Aloysius Gonzaga School, will be the chief guests.

The special feature of the film is that three families from Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities acted in the movie to spread the message: ‘Every religion preaches peace and harmony’.

The movie tries to show that religion is not a hurdle for fellowship, rather it is a cradle for peace and harmony. The film showcases the families as friendly neighbours staying together without friction. They are shown celebrating all festivals with peace and harmony. The purpose of the film is to promote peace and harmony in the society.

Ishaan P Shetty, Mohmmed Zeeshan and Ethen Pinto, students of St Aloysius Gonzaga School, are part of the cast.

The film is directed, scripted and produced by Fr Nelson.