2 PMs to watch cricket from bullet-proof cabin

The area has turned into a fortress as a security threat looms large. The Air Force will provide air surveillance. The strike corps and air base at Ambala have been alerted to act in case of any eventuality. Anti-aircraft guns, some of them already a fixture at the Chandigarh airport controlled by the Air Force, will be in place. The Punjab police have beefed up security inside and outside the stadium deploying 5,000 men in kakhi and civil clothes.

A security breach of sorts took place on Monday when several dozen Punjab government employees staging a protest reached close to the stadium. They were cane-charged and driven away.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that an unmanned areal aircraft too will be pressed into action. Over 100 CCTV cameras have been installed. There would be a three-tier security arrangement at PCA.

A galaxy of senior politicians, dignitaries, celebrities and foreign guests are expected to witness this match. At least 16 chartered flights are expected to land on Wednesday. However, the airport has limited hangars for planes because of which all aircraft, barring a few, will be asked to fly back or park elsewhere, the closest airport being at Amritsar.   

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