A three decade wait to exact revenge

Police records showed that Ram Swaroop had been killed in 1990. File photo

It has every ingredient that seems to come straight from a Bollywood movie plot.

Kalyan Singh Rawat, a resident of Gosainganj village, a few kilometres away from the state capital, was only one year old, when his father Ram Swaroop was murdered.

As he grew old, he came to know from his mother one day that his father had been killed by Sunder Lal, resident of the same village following a minor dispute.

Police records showed that Ram Swaroop had been killed in 1990.

Seething with revenge, Kalyan made a plan to kill Sunder Lal. The problem was that he (Sunder) was not good terms with Kalyan's family for obvious reasons.

As per the plan, Kalyan once met Sunder Lal and told him that he wanted the two families to come together forgetting the past. A surprised Sunder Lal also agreed. In the next few years Kalyan and Sunder Lal became good friends. They would spend a lot of time together.

Two days back Sunder Lal's body was recovered from a field near the village. The postmortem report said that he had been killed with a sharp-edged weapon.

During the investigation, the police found that Sunder had been seen with Kalyan on the day of his killing. They took Kalyan into custody and after sustained questioning the latter admitted to killing Sunder.

''I had decided to kill Sunder the day I came to know that he was the killer of my father....I had to wait for 29 years to exact revenge....I have no regrets....I have taken revenge,'' he told the cops.

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