AAP to restructure party, says Kejriwal

AAP to restructure party, says Kejriwal

AAP to restructure party, says Kejriwal

Faced with severe criticism, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal today announced significant restructuring of the party from the grassroots to the national level and tried to reach out to dissidents, admitting he too makes mistakes.

At the end of the party's three-day national executive, Kejriwal announced 'Mission Vistar (expansion)' under which all existing committees of the party will be formed again and "new people" will be included in the next one year.

At a press conference, flanked by top AAP leaders, Kejriwal said having differences in a "democratic" party was quite normal and hoped that AAP will grow stronger. 

Trying to put behind his rift with senior leader Yogendra Yadav, Kejriwal said, "He is my elder brother. He has the right to scold me.

I take his suggestions seriously.  I am a human and when I make mistakes, elder brothers like Yogendra Yadav point it out to me."

Yesterday, the AAP National Executive had rejected resignation of Yadav and Shazia Ilmi who had attacked Kejriwal for "lack of internal democracy" in the party.

Yadav had quit from AAP Political Affairs Committee after charging Kejriwal with "falling prey to personality cult", while Ilmi had resigned from the party saying a coterie surrounding the former chief minister was running the party.

"It's time to restructure the party. The entire party will be reconstituted from booth to national level. New people will be picked. We will go to village and will bring more people in the party. We'll call it 'Mission Vistar'," Kejriwal said.

He said AAP performed well in Lok Sabha elections, though it won only four seats."Has it ever happened that a small young party won four seats in its first election. Despite a (Modi) wave, we did well," he said.

AAP had fielded over 430 candidates in LS polls.