Tobacco addict robs Pan shop, caught in Delhi

Addiction to tobacco lands youth in trouble

Addiction to tobacco has landed a 'bad character' in police records in trouble.  With cigarettes or tobacco not available due to COVID-19 lockdown, 28-year-old Punit decided to 'steal' some from a shop in north Delhi, use some of it and then sell it to others for money.

But he landed in police net soon after he allegedly broke open a pan shop in north Delhi's Burari. He has been arrested, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Monika Bhardwaj.

Riding a stolen Scooty, he could not escape the police patrol party on early Wednesday.

"Punit is addicted to tobacco and he committed a burglary in a Pan Shop after breaking the locks of the shop. The police patrolling team found him with a large number of tobacco articles. He tried to flee but was overpowered. The stolen Scooty being used by the accused has also been seized" Bhardwaj said.  

He is involved in 16 snatchings, motor vehicle theft, burglary, and also has theft cases against him.

A school dropout, Punit is working as an e-rickshaw driver. and in order to earn easy money, he started allegedly committing burglary in houses and theft of two-wheelers parked outside the houses.