Alcoholic throws three sons into river

Alcoholic throws three sons into river

The bridge near Diguvamasapalle from which Venkatesh threw his three sons into the Neeva river. DH PHOTO

In a fit of rage, a drunkard threw three of his children into a river on Sunday night following a quarrel with his wife in Bala Gangana Palle block of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh.

Dead bodies of the children were found floating in the Neeva river by locals on Monday morning.

Venkatesh, a truck driver, had a fight with his wife Amaravati at her parents's place late on Sunday night.

She had left for her parents' house after continued harassment by him. The husband insisted that she come home with him.

When she refused, he left with his sons Sanjay (5), Puneeth (3) and Rahul (2) to his village around 10 pm on his bicycle.

On the way, he drank even more and continued the journey by foot. As he reached the bridge on Neeva River near Diguva Masapalle, he pushed his kids into the river to teach his wife a lesson. He then went home and slept.

On Monday morning, his neighbours noticed that Venkatesh was alone and called his wife to check if everything is okay and where the kids are.

She rushed to his village and questioned him, who pleaded ignorance. When the neighbours cornered him, he cried and confessed that he threw them into the river in a fit of rage.

Venkatesh, however, is absconding now.