All accused of burning SC kids alive may walk free

All accused of burning SC kids alive may walk free

Over 3-years after two kids, including a nine-month-old girl, of a Scheduled Caste family were burnt alive in Haryana’s Ballabhgarh, the CBI is all set to file a closure report in court.

The agency says it has found no evidence against any of the 12 accused in the case, which is reportedly seen as caste violence by upper caste members.

Defence counsel, Abhishek Rana, told DH that the CBI counsel has informed the special CBI court that it would file a closure report in the case on January 5.

The death of the two kids now remains a mystery and a matter of further probe by the CBI.

As many as 12 members of the upper caste community were arrested for the killings.

According to sources, the CBI concluded in favour of the accused based on forensic and other evidence. Rana said that the exact reasons cited by the CBI will be known once the closure report is filed in the court.

It was reported that members of an upper caste family set the house of an Scheduled Caste family on fire in the early hours one ill-fated night in October 2015.

The incident was said to be an outcome of a caste feud between the Scheduled Caste family and the upper caste members of the same village of Sunperh.

The victim family of four members were fast asleep when the accused poured petrol all over their house.

The parents, Jitender and Rekha, suffered serious burns, but their children Vaibhav (2) and Divya were burnt alive to death.

It was claimed that the incident has its history in murders that took place on October 5 in 2014 in which the victim’s family was reportedly involved.

Some of the Scheduled Caste family members are claimed to have murdered three persons of the accused family which is what triggered the violence, it is claimed.