Amethi, a monument to Rahul's failure: UP minister

Amethi, a monument to Rahul's failure: UP minister

Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Terming Amethi a monument to Rahul Gandhi's failure, Uttar Pradesh Minister Shrikant Sharma on Tuesday asked how could the Congress president promise growth of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan when he has failed in developing his own constituency in 15 years.

"Rahul is answerable for the darkness in his constituency. The person who could not develop Amethi in 15 years, what can he promise for Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and MP?" the UP energy minister asked.

"Amethi is a monument to the Congress' failure. Rahul should answer why 5,000 villages are still without electricity there. Over 1.15 lakh houses are without power. He has been Amethi's MP for the past 15 years and his party was in power at the Centre for 10 years. What you have done there is known to all," he told PTI.

"Before challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a debate, Rahul should tell us as to why he could not remove the darkness of his own area," he said in an interview.

Sharma said there is development in all the states where the BJP is in power.

"We believe in development, we carry out development. Wherever there is a BJP government, people are witnessing progress. For example; Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and MP - these are shining examples of development. The per capita income of a state like Chhattisgarh has reached over Rs 92,000 per year," he said, seeking to drive home the point that the BJP's sole agenda is development.

Sharma dubbed the Congress "a termite which makes the country and the state hollow and deprives them of development".

"The Congress president is a factory of lies and lying (about the BJP) has become his habit," he said.

On the Rafale controversy, Sharma said a canard is being spread by Gandhi on the issue and dared him to provide proof, if he has any, in the court to substantiate his charges.

"Why is he not becoming a party in the Supreme Court? I challenge if he has the proof, he should give it to the court. Otherwise, he should say 'sorry' to the country for his lies," the minister said.

Countering the attack, Congress spokesperson Mukesh Singh Chauhan said, "As the BJP has lost its base among people, it is busy slamming the opposition leaders. It knows it stands exposed in front of the people over its 'achhey din' promise."

Chauhan said the BJP knows that it has nothing to present before the people and that is why it is banking upon on lies and a tested issue like Ram temple to rake up communal feelings.

He said both the Congress and Rahul Gandhi have a credibility among people.