I was in Sri Lanka: Anurag denies harassment charges

Anurag Kashyap denies sexual harassment charges, says he was in Sri Lanka in 2013

Anurag Kashyap. Credit: PTI/file photo.

Denying charges of rape and sexual harassment leveled by actor Payal Ghosh, veteran filmmaker Anurag Kashyap on Friday stated that in 2013 he was away in Sri Lanka for professional commitments.

Kashyap's statement was recorded by the Versova police station on Thursday – nearly a week after Payal, who hails from Kolkata stunned Bollywood with the allegations that the filmmaker sexually harassed her in 2013, and then filed an FIR.

Kashyap denied the allegations through a brief statement issued by his lawyer Priyanka Khimani.

“The material provided by Kashyap, in support of his statement, demonstrates that the complaint of Payal Ghosh is an outright lie. Kashyap has provided documentary proof of the fact that throughout August of 2013, he was away in Sri Lanka in connection with the shooting of one of his films,” the statement said.

Kashyap has categorically denied that any such alleged incident ever took place and has also denied all allegations levelled against him.

“These sudden, belated allegations of an alleged incident of August, 2013 have been widely publicised by the complainant for the purpose of vilifying Kashyap, irrespective of the outcome of the judicial process, it said.

According to Khimani, Kashyap is confident that the “falsity of the complaint has been exposed”, not only by the evidence presented by him, but also the ever-shifting version of events put forth by Payal Ghosh in the media.

“Kashyap is apprehensive that now that the falsity of her allegations in the FIR have been established, she will alter her version of events in the investigative process as well. Kashyap is distressed with the false and reckless allegations made against him that have caused pain to him, his family and his fans,” she said.

Kashyap intends to “vigorously pursue the legal remedies”available to him.

“Kashyap vehemently denies any such incident, as has been alleged, and has sought for severe action against Payal Ghosh for misusing the criminal justice system and for hijacking the #MeToo Movement for her ulterior motives. Kashyap is confident that justice will prevail,” she said.