Baby boy mauled to death by stray dog

Baby boy mauled to death by stray dog

The incident occurred at a poultry farm when the infant's mother Lakshmi left him alone in a room and went out to hand over a mobile phone to her brother after receiving a phone call, they said.

As the room door was left open, a stray dog entered the room and tore apart the baby boy's face and neck, a police officer said adding by the time his mother came back she found the baby dead with the dog eating a portion of the face of the baby.

Lakshmi raised an alarm and the stray dog attacked her before fleeing from the room.

Lakshmi's parents and relatives later beat the dog to death, Vanasthalipuram Police said.

"The baby was born to Lakshmi and Kumar who run a tiffin centre near the poultry farm and the couple was staying with Lakshmi's parents who work at the poultry farm," the police officer said.

Vanasthalipuram police registered a case and were further investigating.