Ban homework: Mother of two launches online petition

Ban homework: Mother of two launches online petition

The petition claimed that homework "creates tears and tantrums" at home and sometimes takes too much time. (Image for representation)

A young mother of two has taken to the Internet and petitioned the government to ban homework. She termed homework as a "never-ending drama" for students and parents.

Chennai-based Mirudula Manian, mother of four-year old and eight-month old boys, has initiated an online petition against homework. She says that parents of primary school children agree that homework 'creates tears and tantrums' at home and takes too much time.

However, she is fine with schools giving home assignments like reading or project work. But she cautioned: "Do not give topics like 'NASA' to a five-year-old...even the parent has to Google to write ten lines".

"There is a conflict in every home over homework, heavy study portions, cycle tests for kindergarten classes, surprise and weekly tests. At least 98% of schools in India..irrespective of the syllabus or teaching this" she says.

Manian cites a court order banning homework till class-II. "It is sad to see small children loaded with so much homework. We fear the stress is way too high for both kids and parents," she says.

Around 8,000 people signed the petition on by Sunday. A number of comments supported a ban on homework for students below the 10 years of age.

Manian reasons that homework creates 'stress' on children and is an 'extra burden' on parents. 

"If parents have more than one child, or go to work, you can imagine what homework does to them. It occupies a significant time of their day," she says.

Manian argued that there was 'no evidence' to support that homework helps children develop intellectually or qualities like time-management, work ethics and thinking independently.

Vaisha K Krishnan, from Tamil Nadu's Villupuram, commented: "Please ban homework. As a student of class XII, I have tests every month, then board exam. We don't need homework. We have a large syllabus. It is a lot of work. We have assignments and record notes too."

Aman Naik was angry and commented: "Homework made my life miserable....we had holiday homework ruined my entire holiday in childhood...this is my revenge."

Jaipur-based student Yashi Khandelwal lent the view that teachers 'sometimes' gave homework to lessen their workload. 

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