Bardhan decides to quit CPI general secretary post

Bardhan decides to quit CPI general secretary post

Talking to mediapersons after a party two-day national executive meeting, Bardhan, however, denied that  the change in leadership was in any way related to the poll results in West Bengal and Kerala.

“We will have our 21st party Congress in Patna in March 2012. That is where a new leadership will be elected. But this change has nothing to do with the recent developments. We always take responsibility both at the collective and individual levels,” said Bardhan.

“Our party constitution provides that no general secretary can continue for more than three terms. All I can tell you is that there will be a change as far as the CPI is concerned. I have completed my term," he said.The 86-year-old Communist leader reiterated his stand that it would be over simplification to term the poll results an electoral setback.
“It would be trivialising the whole thing if we say so. In fact, it is a big political defeat for the Left and we must accept it,” he said.

However, he made it clear that the Left Front in West Bengal and the Left Democratic Front in Kerala would continue.

 He asserted that the Left has a big role in Indian politics, “I am convinced that democracy and the need for social change in India cannot go forward without the Left, which has to play a big role."

 "We wish to prepare our party for this task on the basis of the lessons drawn from our mistakes," he said.

Next in command

A close look at the hierarchy in the CPI suggests that party deputy general Secretary and  former MP from Andhra Pradesh S Sudhakar Reddy is likely to succeed Bardhan.
 “People wanted change because we were alienated from the masses, and could not fulfill their aspirations. We have to accept our failure,” Reddy said.