BCAS to issue anti-drone regulations within 1 week

BCAS to issue anti-drone regulations within 1 week

(Representative Image) (Photo by Reuters)

Aviation security regulator BCAS will issue anti-drone regulations within a week to counter any rogue drones in the country, a senior official said on Tuesday.

Deputy Director General in the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) Maheshwar Dayal said, "For anti-drone, we are about to release the specifications in less than a week's time. It is in the final stages. I think it will be quantum leap toward the secure skies in a very literal sense."

He was addressing an event called "Smart Safe Secure Skies" organised by industry organisation FICCI and global technology company Thales.

Director General of the BCAS Rakesh Asthaana said the Ministry of Civil Aviation had constituted a committee for finding out best available counter-drone solutions to safeguard civil aviation against possible drone attacks in India.