Bengal government denies permission to BJP's rath yatra

Bengal government denies permission to BJP's rath yatra

The West Bengal government has denied permission to BJP's rath yatra. In a late night development on Saturday the state BJP leadership released a letter by the state government to the media conveying the decision.

"The areas proposed to be covered by the rath yatra are, because of publicity and propaganda gradually turning into communally sensitive pockets. Intelligence reports also indicate that the public perception is that the religious overtones of the Yatra will be turned into communal propaganda, " stated the state government's letter.

It further stated that "intelligence reports also indicate that in several districts organisations with overtly communal agenda such as the RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP would actively join the Yatra. There is grave apprehension of major breach of peace and communal violence during and in the aftermath of the Yatra."

The state government's letter further stated that it was because of such reasons BJP's rath yatra in Bengal cannot be allowed.

"We are therefore of the opinion that for the reasons which have been elaborately mentioned hereinabove it is not possible to allow the Yatra as proposed by the BJP, " stated the letter.

Among other reasons for not allowing the rath yatra, the state government argued that the large convoy involved in it will create traffic congestion on arterial roads and highways. It also stated that the proposed schedule of the rath yatra coincides with major festivals and will, therefore, require heavy police deployment.

The rath yatra was scheduled to begin on December 7 and was to cover all the 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal.