In Bihar hospital, dog escapes with amputated leg

In Bihar hospital, dog escapes with amputated leg

This could happen only in Bihar. In one of the most bizarre incidents ever reported in the state, a stray dog entered an operation theatre (OT) of a government hospital and escaped with an amputated leg of a patient who had earlier met with a train accident.

Ironically, the incident took place at Buxar, the Lok Sabha constituency of Union Minister of State for Health, Ashwini Choubey.

The incident, which also speaks volumes about the ‘health’ of government hospitals, took place when the doctors at the Buxar Sadar Hospital amputated the leg of the train accident victim Ram Nath Mishra.

A native of Ara, Ram Nath slipped while boarding Shramjeevi Express at Buxar on Monday. As he fell on the tracks, he sustained grievous injuries in his right leg and arm. The GRP personnel rushed him to the Buxar Sadar Hospital.

The doctors shifted him to the operation theatre (OT) and amputated his leg. As they were cleaning the operated part, a stray dog entered the OT from nowhere and escaped with the amputated leg.

“The hospital staff, shocked over the incident, made frantic efforts to locate the stray dog but could not trace it,” a source from Buxar said. The doctors later said that the amputated leg was of no use.

Tragically, Ram Nath succumbed to his injuries.