BJP, Cong slams AAP on its 5th anniversary

BJP, Cong slams AAP on its 5th anniversary

BJP, Cong slams AAP on its 5th anniversary

The BJP and the Congress accused the AAP, which celebrated its fifth anniversary today, of "betraying" the people of Delhi and "failing" to fulfil the promises made to them.

The AAP leaders should have celebrated the day as 'Chhalawa Diwas' (Day of Illusion), Delhi Congress president Ajay Maken said.

"The AAP should celebrate five years of its formation as 'Chhalawa Diwas' as it has not only betrayed the people but also broken all the promises made to them before coming to power," Maken said.

He also attacked the AAP for not only breaking promises but also not being able to live up to the high moral ground claimed by its leaders.

The AAP leaders had promised that they would not take government bungalows and vehicles and security that they enjoyed now, he said.

"Kejriwal promised to shun official security. Now he moves around with security cover that even Union cabinet ministers don't have," he charged.

The BJP's Delhi unit accused the AAP of "lowering" political discourse despite its claim of being an alternative to the old politics.

"The last five years of the Aam Aadmi Party have been disappointing. The party which came up as a symbol of alternative politics lowered the standard of political discourse," Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari said.

The party after coming to power in Delhi also "disappointed" people on crucial issues such as education, health, pollution, transport and corruption, he said.