BJP factors in AAP in its poll strategy, to keep Rahul in firing line

BJP factors in AAP in its poll strategy, to keep Rahul in firing line

BJP was today decided to factor in the growing clout of Aam Admi Party in its strategy for coming Lok Sabha poll and make Rahul Gandhi its main target of attack along with "failures" of the UPA government.

The BJP national executive meeting here today saw the party move closer to giving final shape to its roadmap for the polls.

The opposition party is clearly wary of AAP with BJP party's national executive here today discussing ways to counter the challenge posed by it along with Congress in the elections and focussed on how issues like scams, "communal card" and state of the economy under Congress-led UPA government should be taken to the people.

Addressing the national executive, BJP President Rajnath Singh refrained from naming AAP but alluded to how Congress may use the growing clout of Arvind Kejriwal's party to spoil their march to victory.

The BJP chief said since Congress is aware it is going to "lose" the polls, it is trying every trick in the book to ensure that a "majboor (weak)" government is formed at the Centre.

Though Singh did not name AAP, BJP sources said he was making a veiled reference to it. Congress is supporting the AAP government in Delhi and BJP has often alleged the latter is the B-team of the former.

When BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain was asked by reporters if his party is making strategies to counter AAP as is being done by Congress, he sought to club the ruling party and AAP as being on the same side.

"Till now, Congress' hand was with aam admi (common man). Now, it is with Aam Admi Party. AAP will be protector of Congress. In Delhi, they have already joined hands," Hussain said.

In an indication that Rahul Gandhi, Congress campaign chief, will be its primary target along with "failures" of the UPA government, BJP would try to sell the idea that Modi's charisma and popularity had "scared" Congress and forced it not to declare Rahul as its PM probable.

"The diminishing returns of a dynasty controlling a party are now visible. In 25 years, a Gandhi has not been the Prime Minister of this country. India, indeed, is changing. The Gandhis can control a party but not the nation," Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said in an article posted on his website.

"It is the prospect of defeat staring in the face, which is responsible for the reluctance to announce Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014," he added.

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