BJP to make Mamata’s questions on strike a poll issue

BJP to make Mamata’s questions on strike a poll issue

The BJP is set to make West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s questions about the outcome of the air strikes by the IAF on terror camps in Pakistan a major issue in West Bengal in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to DH state BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu said that his party will play the video of Mamata's comments across the state during the election campaign.

The campaign will focus on the issue that the chief minister was speaking in a manner similar to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Earlier, Mamata had asked what was the actual number of casualties in the air strike and whether it resulted in any casualties at all.

“We will launch a massive campaign on Mamata Banerjee’s comments questioning the credibility of our armed forces. The focus of the campaign will be that the chief minister is speaking in a similar vein to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan,” Basu said.

The senior BJP leader claimed that since there is 28% Muslim population in West Bengal, Mamata and the Trinamool Congress (TMC) are afraid of speaking against Pakistan for the fear of loosing Muslim votes. 

He further alleged that by having such a notion about Muslims of the country, parties like TMC think of them as “anti-nationals.”

“They (the TMC) think that if they speak against Pakistan they will not get Muslim votes. But their notion about Muslims of our country is wrong, They think that our Muslims are anti-nationals and lovers of Pakistan,” Basu said.

He also said that apart from circulating the video footage of Mamata’s comments, the BJP leaders will highlight the same during their election campaign.

Basu further alleged that by questioning the outcome of air strikes the chief minister was actually strengthening the hands of Pakistan and speaking in Pakistan’s voice.

“She is actually strengthening Pakistan’s hands by making such comments. The chief minister is speaking in Pakistan’s voice,” he said.

The state BJP leadership is also planning to highlight the fact that the chief minister’s comments questioning the outcome of airstrikes are being used by Pakistani media.

“Radio Pakistan have mentioned her comments regarding the airstrike in their tweets. Pakistan is using her comments as a weapon. Even as the names of some terrorists killed in the airstrike are out she is questioning the credibility of our armed forces,” he said.

He also said that it was politicians like Mamata who had asked for proof of the surgical strike.

“It's very unfortunate. Both Pakistan and Mamata Banerjee are asking for proofs," Basu said.