BJP rules out post-poll alliance in Uttar Pradesh

BJP rules out post-poll alliance in Uttar Pradesh

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday ruled out truck with any political outfit in Uttar Pradesh, in a post-poll scenario.

Party’s national spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman disclosed her party’s take on UP during an interaction with Deccan Herald  journalists at the media house’s office here. She said, “We are not going to have an alliance with any political party in UP and we are clear on that.”

Raising the issue of unethical practices during Assembly elections in UP, Nirmala said candidates and parties had ignored seeking a mandate based on policies, ideologies and the success of the promises they had made during previous elections.

Referring to her party’s position in the state elections, she said her party had succeeded in winning public sympathy if the turnout at the rallies was  anything to go by.

Sitharaman was also critical of  some media houses, mainly the news channels, for showing only the glitzy daises and charm of leaders sitting there, and not the crowd. She claimed that her party’s rallies were a big crowd puller which the TV channels chose not to report.

“Our rallies, whether they are addressed by Kalraj Mishra or Suryapratap Shahi, are successful with a huge turnout,” she said.

The BJP leader, however, did not approve of or negate the statements made by party’s Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi, who said on Sunday that the Samajwadi Party (SP) alone would emerge as a single largest party in UP.