BJP's version of 'Azadi' becomes sensation

BJP's version of 'Azadi' becomes sensation

Congress President Rahul Gandhi hugs Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his speech in the Lok Sabha on 'no-confidence motion' during the Monsoon Session of Parliament, in New Delhi on July 20, 2018. PTI

Azadi, a Bollywood chartbuster, has become the latest flashpoint between the Congress and the BJP ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

BJP posted its version of the foot-tapping number from the upcoming Gully Boy to target the Congress rule over the years and highlighting scams such as the Commonwealth Games scam and reports of urea shortage in Madhya Pradesh after Chief Minister Kamal Nath took over.

The video that's a little over a minute long and titled 'Congress se azadi' ends with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech in Parliament where he is shown saying it was Mahatma Gandhi's wish to disband the Congress after Independence.

"Congress-mukt Bharat is not my slogan, I am only fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's wish," Modi is seen saying.

Congress hit back with a vengeance with its own cover of the song hitting out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"Dar ke aage azadi (Beyond fear, freedom)," the Congress said on this Twitter handle.

In the nearly two minutes video, the Congress accused the Modi government of spreading intolerance, attacking institutions through a mix of photographs and scenes of protests on the issues in question.

The video also showed Modi, in his 2014 election speech, exhorting voters to elect him not as a prime minister, but as a "chowkidar".

In the next scene, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is shown saying the word "chowkidar" at a rally with the crowd shouting back "chor hai".

The video ends with a speech Rahul delivered at a convention of the AICC Minorities Department on Thursday.

"The day we stand up, the RSS, the BJP, Modi or Savarkar... they will run away," he is seen saying.

It ends with the slogan "azadi" from BJP rule at the Centre. By Saturday evening, the Congress video had received more that 2,700 re-tweets and 7,600 likes on Twitter.

The BJP video was re-tweeted 7,900 times and had received 16,000 likes.