Rajasthan: Brother seeks euthanasia for disabled woman

Rajasthan: Brother seeks euthanasia for disabled woman


The brother of a 45-year-old differently-abled woman, Sunita, in Chittorgarh has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje seeking permission for euthanasia for her.

Sunita's brother Sudhir Mishra, who is presently unemployed, claims he is unable to support her after their father's death in 2014.

Under the Rajasthan government, a woman who is physically or mentally unfit, is entitled to receive father’s pension after his death.

However, the pension was stopped right after his death and the benefits were not extended to Sunita.

Sudhir applied for the pension for his in 2015. This and all subsequent efforts to procure the pension have failed.

Moreover, authorities stopped the pension right after his death.

Sudhir says he has been trying to do everything possible to take care of his sister, who, according to the doctors is "90% disabled".

"It has been more than four years and we have not received the money. With the limited money it is very difficult for me to take care of her," Sudhir told DH.

Their father, Vidhyapati Mishra, had retired as government school teacher in 1986.

Both Sudhir and his wife had to leave their jobs in private firms to take care of Sunita, who needs at least two people to take care of her.

"She is a woman and we cannot leave her at the mercy of a servant. We need to be with her, which is why neither one can plan or do anything," Sudhir said. 

Presently, the only source of income for the family is the rent coming from half of their house.