Captured leopard dies in Kerala

Captured leopard dies in Kerala

A leopard that strayed into a village in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district died after struggling hard to escape from villagers who had captured the animal and wanted to hand it over to Wildlife officials to free it in forest.

The leopard was spotted at Angamuzhi on the fringes of the Ranni division of Goodrikkal forest in the morning and it ran into a rubber estate after frightening some early-risers near a village school.

Villagers also informed wildlife officials about the presence of the animal.

As the heat and humidity soared, the restless animal emerged from the estate and attacked some villagers who had gathered to tackle it.

Then a group of people, some adept in handling wild animals, managed to overpower and bind its limbs with a rope and cover the mouth with a cloth.

However,the leopard which was carried to a wildlife department van parked nearby died before reaching it,officials said.