Chandrayaan 2 earliest launch date is July 21, 22

Chandrayaan 2 earliest launch date is July 21, 22

The launch of Chandrayaan 2 on Sunday, July 14, 2019. (Photo: ISRO Twitter)

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), after postponing the Chandrayaan-2 launch, is looking at the earliest available window for the rescheduled launch to happen. The new launch date is now planned for as early as July 21, i.e. Sunday afternoon, or the early hours of July 22, i.e. Monday.

"A technical snag was observed in the launch vehicle system at T-minus 56 minutes. As a measure of abundant precaution Chandrayaan 2 launch has been called off for today," said ISRO Associate Director (Public Relations) B R Guruprasad in Sriharikota early on Monday.




ISRO said at the time that the next launch date would be announced soon.

India hopes that the Rs 980 crore-mission will be the first to land at the south pole of the Moon. It will focus on the lunar surface, searching for water and minerals and measuring moon-quakes, among other things.




If successful, India will become the fourth country to make a soft landing on the Moon's surface. Only the US, China and Russia have been able to do so, say experts.