Cong will bring women's quota bill: Rahul Gandhi

Cong will bring women's quota bill: Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses a public meeting at Chevella constituency near Hyderabad, Saturday, March 9, 2019. (PTI Photo)

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said that his party will enact the women's reservation bill immediately if it comes to power.

Addressing a meeting of party functionaries in Shamshabad here on Saturday, Rahul said that the Congress prime minister will stand by the nation's women in a manner that no one would dare lift a finger against the women.

“We have just celebrated International Women’s Day. I expected the PM would give a direction to the nation on that occasion. At least initiate action against the BJP Lawmaker in Uttar Pradesh who raped an innocent woman. Instead he keeps mum, encouraging such offenders to go ahead and perpetrate more crimes against women,” Rahul said.

“After Narendra Modi become PM, attacks on women have shot up. Under Modi’s rule, women are afraid of leaving their homes,” Rahul said.

“When we come to power we will bring women's reservation bill and we will implement it in every lawmaking body of the nation,” he added.

While accusing the Prime Minister of creating two different “Hindustans” by siding with a handful rich of the nation, Rahul said that after coming to power the Congress government will implement the “Minimum Income Guarantee” scheme, which assures certain assistance if the income of a person falls below a determined level.

“While Modi searched ways to help his 15 rich cronies, we will search for every poor man in the country and deposit money in his account. No single poor man or women will be left out,” Rahul said.

Taking pot shots at Modi, Rahul said that the Congress never spreads hatred among the people of the nation.

“Does a patriot spread hatred? Does a patriot let Nirav Modi run away with the country’s money and snatch making of Rafale from HAL and give to friendly Ambani?” he asked.

He criticized Modi for having 'chai' (tea) with Chinese President Xi while the neighbouring country sent troops across Doklam.

“Similarly he shoots for a film while the Pulwama attack on CRPF Jawans was undergoing,” Rahul said.

“The Congress drove the British away. We don’t surrender. Two of our prime ministers were killed by terrorists. The Congress stands for protection of freedom of expression and constitution,” Rahul told the cadre.

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