Cops with more than Rs 200 in pocket to face action

Cops with more than Rs 200 in pocket to face action

A Police chief in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh has come out with a ‘novel’ way to ebb corruption within the force. He has issued directions which state that 'a policeman will not carry cash more than Rs 200 in his pocket while on duty'.

The orders by the Una Superintendent of Police (SP) Divakar Sharma have arguably created a flutter among the cops. So, a cop found on duty with currency in excess of Rs 200 in his pockets will face stern action.

The SP says the move is to ensure policemen do their duty diligently without seeking bribe. The orders will currently apply to traffic policemen on roads and those deployed in highway Naka duty. The arguably avant-garde initiative by the IPS office stems out of the growing complaints from residents of the district who lament the exploitation by traffic and security cops on-road duty.

The SP orders, said sources, cannot be taken lightly. Divakar Sharma is known for walking the extra mile to ensure accountability of his men in Khakhi. There have been instances in the past when the officer would land up camouflaged at the police Naka and traffic points to check the performance of his staff. He has caught policemen taking bribes, which is why the junior policemen under his command are taking the new order seriously.

In case any policeman on duty would need more than Rs 200 for one or the other reason, he will have to notify in a register by making an entry of the of excess cash he would have in his pocket on that day. He would have to declare it to his reporting office before going on duty.

Non-compliance of the orders, willful or otherwise, will invite departmental action, including suspension. Divakar Sharma said the move is also aimed at instilling confidence among the public.