Coronavirus news highlights: Highest single-day spike of 4,157 new cases takes Bengal's Covid-19 tally to 3,37,283

India's Covid-19 tally on Wednesday crossed 77 lakh cases and the country's death toll climbed to 116,718. High caseload states like Maharashtra and Karnataka saw a dip in their daily cases while West Bengal saw its highest spike. The country's recovery rate has now climbed to 88.81 per cent while the case fatality rate has dropped to 1.51 per cent.
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    Coronavirus cases in Haryana rise to 1,54,495

    1,128 new COVID-19 cases and 1,292 discharges reported in Haryana today. Total cases at 1,54,495 including 10,009 active cases, 1,42,798 discharges and 1,688 deaths: State Health Department

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    Karnataka reports more than 5,000 new Covid-19 cases

    Karnataka reported 5,778 new Covid-19 cases (2,807 cases in Bengaluru Urban), 13,550 discharges and 74 deaths in the last 24 hours. Total number of cases now stand at 7,88,551 including 92,927 active cases, 6,84,835 discharges and 10,770 deaths.

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    West Bengal records highest single-day spike of Covid-19 cases

    The highest single-day spike of 4,157 fresh cases takes West Bengal's Covid-19 tally to 3,37,283; death toll rises to 6,308 with 64 more fatalities: Health Department

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    Delhi reports 3,882 new Covid-19 cases

    Delhi reports 3,882 new Covid-19cases, 2,727 recoveries/discharges/migrations and 35 deaths in last 24 hours. The COVID tally here rises to 3,44,318, including 3,12,918 recoveries/discharges/migrations and 6,163 deaths. Active cases stand at 25,237.

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    MP CM promises free Covid-19 vaccine for people in the state

    Shivraj Singh Chouhan announces that as and when a Covid-19 vaccine is ready, it will be made available for all people of the state free of cost.

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    Plasma therapy isn't a magic bullet, says Dr Randeep Guleria

    Plasma isn't a magic bullet. We've to position it properly where it may be useful, rather than saying everyone will benefit from it. What we're learning from Covid is that treatment may be useful if the timing is proper: Dr Randeep Guleria, on ICMR's observation on plasma therapy

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    In the ICMR study, a large no.of patients who were given plasma already had antibodies. If you already have antibodies, giving antibodies from outside may not be of much use: Delhi AIIMS Director on ICMR's observation on plasma therapy

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    Gujarat reports 1,136 new Covid-19 cases, 7 deaths & 1,201 discharges, taking total cases to 1,64,121, including 1,46,308 recoveries & 3,670 deaths. Number of active cases stands at 14,143: State Health Department

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    Maharashtra reports more than 7,000 new coronavirus infections

    Maharashtra reports 7,539 new Covid-19 cases, 198 deaths and 16,177 discharges in the last 24 hours, as per the state's Public Health Department. Total cases in the state rise to 16,25,197, including 42,831 deaths and 14,31,856 recovered patients. Active cases stand at 1,50,011.

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    Air pollution may lead to higher prevalence of Covid-19: AIIMS Director

    Swine flu shows a spike during winter. Likely that Covid would also do the same. There's data that shows air pollution may also lead to a higher prevalence of Covid-19. It's based on a study done in the last few months in Italy & China: Delhi AIIMS Director, Dr Randeep Guleria

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    Rajasthan records nearly 2,000 new Covid-19 cases

    Rajasthan reports 1,822 new Covid-19infections out of which 349 are from Jaipur. The state has 1,80,755 total cases out of which 18,341 are active patients.1800 deaths have been reported.

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    With 584 new infections, J&K's tally nears 1 lakh-mark

    Jammu and Kashmir reports 584 new cases Covid-19 cases (192 from Jammu and 392 from Kashmir) and 10 deaths. Total cases stand at 90,166 out of which active patients are 7,952.

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    Tamil Nadu records 3,0722 new coronavirus cases

    3,077 new infections and 45 deaths reported in Tamil Nadu Total cases in the state are now 7,00,193 out of which 34,198 are active cases. 6,55,170 patients have recovered while the death toll stands at 10,825.

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    7,482 new Covid-19 cases and 23 deaths reported in Kerala today. Active cases in the state stand at 93,291

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    Andhra Pradesh records 3,620 new Covid-19 cases

    Andhra Pradesh records 3,620 new Covid-19 infections and 16 deaths. Total cases in the state increase to 7,96,919 out of which 32,257 are active patients.

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    AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine follows genetic instructions: Study

    AstraZeneca's Oxford Covid-19 vaccine accurately follows the genetic instructions programmed into it by its developers to successfully provoke a strong immune response, according to a detailed analysis carried out by independent UK scientists.

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    What we know so far about how Covid-19 affects the nervous system

    Many of the symptoms experienced by people infected with SARS-CoV-2 involve the nervous system. Patients complain of headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and “brain fog,” or loss of taste and smell—all of which can last from weeks to months after infection. In severe cases, Covid-19 can also lead to encephalitis or stroke. The virus has undeniable neurological effects. But the way it actually affects nerve cells still remains a bit of a mystery. Can immune system activation alone produce symptoms? Or does the novel coronavirus directly attack the nervous system?

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    Covid-19 vaccine to be provided for free: Tamil Nadu CM

    Once Covid-19vaccine is ready, it will be provided to all people of the state free of cost, announces Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami

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    Uttar Pradesh reports 2402 new Covid-19 cases

    Uttar Pradesh reports 2402 new Covid-19cases, 2581 new discharges and 35 deaths in the last 24 hours, as per the state's health department. Active cases in the state stand at 29,131. A total of 4,27,937 discharges and 6790 deaths reported in the state so far.

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    The European Union wants the World Health Organization to become more transparent about how states report emerging health crises, a draft proposal on reforming the UN agency says, following criticism of China's initial handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi tests positive for Covid-19. He is admitted at AIIMS Patna.

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    Kings XI batsman recovers after testing Covid positive

    One of Kings XI Punjab's primary middle-order batsmen tested positive for coronavirus a fortnight ago but has now recovered from the infection, it has been reliably learnt.

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    A notice hangs outside a closed "pandal" or temporary platform, on the first day of Durga Puja festival, amidst the spread of Covid-19 in Kolkata. Credit: Reuters Photo

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    Seventy new Covid-19 cases detected in Maharashtra Police over last 24 hours. Total cases in the force stand at 25,988 out of which 1,771 are active patients. 23,945 personnel have recovered while 272 deaths have been recorded.

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    I request all to maintain social distancing and wear mask during Durga puja celebration held amid Covid-19 pandemic: PM Modi

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    Active cases have been sustained below 10% of the total cases for last three days suggesting only 1 in 10 cases are active Covid-19 patients across the country. Presently, active cases comprise merely 9.29% of total positive cases of the country standing at 7,15,812

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    Senior TRS leader and former Home Minister of Telangana Nayani Narasimha Reddy dies at age of 76; he had been undergoing treatment for post-Covid-19 complications: Hospital sources

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    Britain partners with Oxford firm to assess T cell responses to coronavirus vaccine

    Britain on Thursday said it would partner with an Oxford-based firm to provide testing for the T cell response of coronavirus vaccine candidates to try to assess their immune responses.

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    False positives in rapid antigen tests are possible despite 98% specificity of tests: Experts

    Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) are known to give false negative reports 50 per cent of the time but false positives in rapid antigen tests are also possible despite 98 per cent specificity of the tests, say experts. They say it is best to isolate asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients at home if the patient or the care provider has requested an RT-PCR test after a RAT positive test and if the test report is awaited as this prevents them from exposure to a Covid-19 ward in case it is a false positive.

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    Diagnostics group Eurofins to expand Covid-19 testing, sets new 2022 goals

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    Over half Europe's small firms fear for their survival, says McKinsey survey

    Over half the small and medium-sized companies which together provide jobs for two-thirds of European workers fear for their survival in the coming 12 months, according to a survey released by management consultancy McKinsey on Thursday.

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    The 2020 World Junior Badminton Championships, due to be held in New Zealand, were cancelled Tuesday because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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    The total number of active cases currently stands at 7,15,812

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    India sees 55,839 new Covid-19 cases, 702 deaths; tally crosses 77 lakh

    India's Covid-19 tally stands at 77,06,946.

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    Experts puzzled by Karnataka's falling Covid-19 positivity rate amid 'complacency'

    More and more people are exposing themselves to Covid-19 by moving about in the streets, but the state’s official test positivity rate (TPR) has plummeted by nearly seven points. This could be because many asymptomatics are slipping under the radar, an expert said.

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    Karnataka to audit blood groups of critical Covid-19 patients

    The recent publication of two international studies which stated that Covid-19 is more severe in patients with blood group A or AB, has pushed the state government into conducting an audit on the blood groups of critical patients.

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    Why Modi’s still so popular even as India fails to fight coronavirus

    India is battling one of the world’s highest coronavirus caseloads, its worst-ever economic slump, shuttered factories, farmer protests and the deadliest border fighting with China in decades.

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    Next up in hunt for Covid-19 vaccine: Testing shots in kids

    The global hunt for a Covid-19 vaccine for kids is only just beginning — a lagging start that has some US pediatricians worried they may not know if any shots work for young children in time for the next school year.

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    Karnataka to audit blood groups of critical Covid-19 patients

    The recent publication of two international studies which stated that Covid-19 is more severe in patients with blood group A or AB, has pushed the state government into conducting an audit on the blood groups of critical patients.

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