Crisis worsens in Malayalam film industry

Crisis worsens in Malayalam film industry

Producers association stops work

The theatre owners have stopped releasing new Malayalam films since November. On the other hand, Kerala Film Exhibitors’ Federation which controls all the big theatres where new films are released are protesting against certain decisions of the government including a move to classify theatres based on facilities they offer and allow release of new Malayalam films in more theatres. But those theatre owners who are not members of the federation have welcomed the move of the government to facilitate wide release of Malayalam films.

Opposing the stand of the federation, Kerala Film Distributors’ Association has hit back stopping release of other language films. They vehemently oppose the stand of theatre owners not to screen new Malayalam films.

The Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) is engaged in a separate fight with Kerala Film Producers’ Association on the issue of wage revision. While FEFKA wants a steep increase in daily allowances to employees, producers are unwilling to accede to the demand.

According to Kerala Film Producers’ Association President Siyad Koker, producers have no other option but to stop work as mounting costs have broken the backbone of the industry.

Meanwhile, the Youth Congress Kerala unit has threatened to lay siege on those theatres which refuse to screen new Malayalam films.  According to state unit president P C Vishnunath, such attitude will not be tolerated anywhere.