Czech Republic firm to stop sale of Mahatma beer

Czech Republic firm to stop sale of Mahatma beer

Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation chairman Eby J Jose and (R) a bottle of the Mahatma beer

Czech Republic firm Pivovar Chric has decided to stop sale of beer that carried a picture of Mahatma Gandhi on its bottle after a Kerala-based NGO raised concerns over the matter.

Pivovar Chric was selling Mahatma India Pale Ale with a sketch of Mahatma Gandhi on a tricolour background on its label.

Kerala-based Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation last month wrote to top officials in the Czech government and India, urging that the beer should be withdrawn soon as it was an act of disrespect and insult to the father of nation.

In an e-mail communication received by the foundation chairman Eby J Jose from commercial economic counsellor of the Embassy of Czech Republic in India, Mr. Minal Dostal, it was stated that the company had informed that they would stop using Mahatma Gandhi's image and selling the product from August 31.

Recently an Israeli firm had apologised for putting the image of Mahatma Gandhi on its beer bottles after the Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation expressed concerns.

Mr. Jose came across the Mahatma beer in Czech Republic as some of his friends who went on a vacation to Czech Republic spotted it and shared pictures. It was brought out in 2018 as a limited edition one in connection with Martyrs' day.