Defeat new kings of dynasty politics: Modi

Defeat new kings of dynasty politics: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets his party leaders during a BJP election campaign ahead of the state Assembly elections at LB Stadium, in Hyderabad. PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday warned the people of the nation to be aware of the modern day "kings" who believe that power comes through genes.

Addressing a massive public meeting at the Lal Bahadur stadium in Hyderabad, Modi urged the voters of Telangana to put an end to dynasty politics by defeating TRS, TDP, MIM and, above all, the Congress as they are run by generations and generations of privileged families.

"New kings are taking birth and the dynasty is flourishing. We need to challenge these political parties run by families and make Telangana free from such politics. I wonder why the so-called liberals sitting in New Delhi don't voice against dynasty politics," the prime minister said.

"The constitution gets stabbed in the back each time the scions win elections. Out of the major five parties contesting here, only BJP is run democratically," he said.

Coming down heavily on AICC chief Rahul Gandhi who has been calling TRS BJP's "B team", the prime minister wanted voters to remember who the Congress' B team in the Karnataka elections was.

"In Karnataka elections, Rahul said the JD(S) is BJP's B team. The JD(S) and Congress formed government there. To stop the BJP, they (TRS and Congress) will join hands in Telangana," the prime minister said.

"KCR, whose roots are in Youth Congress, and then in TDP, and then had an apprenticeship under Sonia Gandhi is a natural ally of the Congress. They think that Hyderabadis are assets. These elections are for future of Telangana, so watch out," Modi said.

Criticising the TRS for harping on 12% reservations for Muslims in Telangana, he said such a move is against the Constitution.

"Parties may come and go, but the country must stay, the constitution must stay. This is the responsibility of every politician. How do they get 12% when the apex court has set an upper limit? It means that KCR will have to cut down the shares of SC or ST or OBC," Modi said.

He also said the BJP at the Centre will never discriminate against non-BJP state governments.

"We gave Rs 30,000 crore on projects for Telangana, Rs 10,000 crore for railway projects, Rs 10,000 crore for highway projects and more. Vote for BJP — I will be with you all the time," he said.

Recalling how the BJP government at the Centre ended the monopoly of a few mobile phone companies during the UPA reign, the prime minister said talk time during the UPA regime was so pricey they collected money from the service providers who in turned siphoned money from customers.

"Now we removed all those barriers and allowed free competition, improving the efficiency. Data has become cheaper and you don't have to give a missed call to talk to your dear ones," the prime minister said.