Delhi schools award extra 'admission' points for vegetarians, teetotallers

Delhi schools award extra 'admission' points for vegetarians, teetotallers

Delhi schools award extra 'admission' points for vegetarians, teetotallers

While it is not uncommon for schools to set qualification criteria for parents in order to admit their children, some budget schools in Delhi are offering points for parents who are vegetarians, teetotallers and non-smokers, much to the amazement of admission seekers.

Schools like Mahavir Senior Model schools across Delhi extension and M M Public School in Pitam Pura have posted points for these categories on their websites.

Mahavir chain of schools is giving five points each to parents who are vegetarians, non-smokers and teetotallers, prompting some experts to question their purpose.

“My question is whether these schools have some  special diagnostic tools that will find out if a parent is teetotaller, vegetarian, non-smoker?” asked Sumit Vohra, founder of “Otherwise everyone would claim these points so what is the logic behind it?”

He wondered if the schools would withdraw the admission given to the parents if they happened to find out later that they are smokers, drinkers and non-vegetarian eaters.

Meanwhile, M M Public School has given 10 points to first cousin living in same premises or near the school. “Giving points to any cousin is against nursery guidelines. Many schools are already manipulating the points given to siblings,” added Vohra.

Some schools have also given additional 10 points for cultural and linguistic integration
and inter-caste marriages.

Schools in Delhi and National Capital Region usually follow the Ganguly Committee’s 100-point criteria.

As per the point system, admissions are based on points a child earns on different criteria chosen by the school with special preference to distance or neighbourhood, sibling, girl child and alumni.

Majority of schools, including the popular ones in Delhi, are expected to make the announcement on January 1.

Some schools are also flouting the Directorate of Education’s admission schedule of making nursery application forms available for 15 days starting from January 1 to 15.