Didi, Duranto & Supreme Court

Didi, Duranto & Supreme Court

Nothing fishy

But, later it turned out that the judge was not serious. It happened during the hearing of a petition filed by Dr Ajith Kumar from West Bengal. As soon as the submission was over, Justice Tarun Chatterjee posed  a question to senior advocate and Trinamool Congress MP Kalyan Bandopadhya, who appeard for the petitioner: “When will the Duranto train start?’’

Bandopadhya replied that it would start before the puja(Durga Puja). ‘’Tell Didi, she should look into it that the quality of food is improved,’’ said Justice Chatterjee, who is a known foodie and has a taste for fishes like hilsa.To this, the Lok Sabha member from Sreerampore submitted that in the last one month, the quality of food has improved. During his last journey from Howrah to New Delhi, the fish was served in the pantry car, said the MP. However, Justice Chatterjee   disputed this claim by saying that in his last visit a few days ago, the food served on the Rajdhani train was not good.

‘’My Lord. You must be flying to Kolkata,’’ said Bandopadhya, a senior advocate who had been practising in the Calcutta High Court for more than past two decades and a first timer in the Lok Sabha. With humility, Justice Chatterjee, who has his parental home in the Kankergachi area of Kolkata, said: “I always travel by train to my home town. My home is near Sealdah station and Duranto train will be very convenient for me.

‘’My Lord! The Duranto train will have a stop at Sealdah and Howrah stations and I will speak to Didi in this regard,’’ said the MP.“We will haul up, if the train is not started before the pooja(Dasara),’’ said Justice Chatterjee, in a lighter vein.

While the conversation was on, Justices G S Singhvi and R M  Lodha, the other two judges in the bench, were flasning smiles  at the senior judge and the law maker. The whole court room was enjoying the talk, as such deliberations happen  only once in a blue moon. After the court proceedings were over, Bandopadhaya told reporters that Justice Chatterjee is from his state and he knew him for long.